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A Note from a Nervous Dog

A Note from a Nervous Dog

Ever wonder what goes through your pup's head? We just saw a note from Sweetpea, a rescue dog who is now living the good life.

Hi Hoomans,


I’m Sweetpea – I’m 4 years old and I’m part bulldog, pitty, manatee, goat, and pig. 

I know this because my dad tells everyone who asks when I’m outside taking him on a walk.  I love my mom and dad, and most of all my older brother Jasper.  He’s 10 and even though he’s different than me (he has thumbs, stands on 2 legs, and goes to the bathroom on a seat filled with water), we play all the time!

My life is great, but it wasn’t always this way. I don’t remember everything about when I was young, but I do remember I lived outside on a leash and almost never saw anyone.  I was so lonely, and even worse, I almost never got food.  I remember my new mom telling someone that when they found me I was 20 pounds and so anemic that when they took my blood, I passed out and they didn’t know if I was going to make it.

But I did make it, and I found my new home. And I try really hard to do all the weird things my new parents ask of me – like eating out of a shiny bowl instead of off the ground, and doing humiliating poses when they make weird noises like “sit” and “shake”.  But I do it because it makes them smile, and I love seeing them smile (and they give me the best treats – the smellier the better!)

But I’ve started to slowly take command of the house.  I call it the sad eyes and creep effect.  By using my smooshy face and sad eyes, I’ve managed to slowly pick my own spot on the couch, the bed, and I’ve even gotten my dad to pick up my poop in front of people!  Yep – the humiliation goes both ways! 

But one thing still worries me every day…. What if they don’t want me any more?  Or, what if they leave and don’t ever return?  They come and go all the time, and I’m left behind for most of it.  It scares me to death, and sometimes I get so nervous I try to do anything to calm down.  Once, I ate a whole pair of flip flops (that wasn’t the best idea).  But another time I found my way into the food treasure chest they call the “pantry” and devoured all kinds of sweet, salty, and gooey treats.  I had to tear through cardboard boxes with words like “cereal” and “granola bars” on them, but it was totally worth it.  However, my parents were pretty upset when they came home, and I didn't feel so good.

So now, every day, I get these special treats that taste great.  My mom keeps using the word, "CBD" and says they help keep me calm. All I know is that I just feel better about things when they leave.  I am more confident that things will be alright, and I don’t worry so much.  I told a few of my friends like Radar and Flame about them when I saw them, and my mom and dad tell a lot of other hoomans when they see their dogs walking them. 

Oh well, gotta go….. mom’s making dinner – my new favorite time of the day!  I’ll tell you more about that in my next letter. 

Pooches Gracias,


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