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Choosing the best delivery method of CBD for your Dog - When to use treats, oils, and shampoo

The best delivery method of CBD for your dog is the one that best suits both their condition and their preferences.  Here is a quick guide to the main options for delivering CBD for dogs.

CBD oil for dogs

CBD oil for dogs can be applied topically or consumed internally.  Realistically, if you apply CBD oil topically, there is a good chance that your dog will end up licking at least some of it off.  It’s important to keep this in mind if you plan to give your dog CBD internally as well.

If you plan to give your dog CBD oil to eat, then you have two main options for doing so.  Option one is to put the CBD oil in your dog’s regular food.  This has the benefit of convenience.  It often works very well provided that you only have one dog in the household.  If you have two or more, however, then you will have to supervise mealtimes very carefully.

Option two is to give your dog CBD oil straight from the dropper.  While this may seem like a recipe for a struggle, it can actually work very well.  The key point to remember is that CBD oil for dogs is different from most other forms of medication.  It’s specifically flavored to appeal to dogs.  This means that many dogs will happily take it as a treat.

CBD dog treats

CBD dog treats can be a straightforward way to deliver CBD to dogs so quickly they don’t even notice it.  They’re also useful if you want or need to give CBD to your dog on the go, for example, if you need to keep them calm in the car.  You can buy CBD oil for dogs and make your own dog treats.  It can, however, be easier to buy them ready-made.

If you’re buying CBD dog treats then remember to look at the ingredients as a whole, not just the CBD content.  Even though CBD dog treats are meant to be tasty snacks, they should still have a decent level of nutritional value.

Choosing the best delivery method of CBD for your Dog - When to use treats, oils, and shampoo

CBD Topical Treatments 

Topical treatments come in several forms.

Shampoo: There are two main reasons for choosing CBD shampoo.  The first is that it improves the health of your dog’s skin and hair.  The second is that it helps keep your dog calm at bathtime.  While there is an obvious connection between CBD shampoo and dog bathtime, it isn’t the only option for this.  Depending on your dog, you might want to deliver the CBD in some other way, such as CBD oil or CBD dog treats.

Balm: CBD Balm can act as a daily moisturizer to keep your pet’s skin, paws, nose, and elbows soft and hydrated. This topical relief is as potent and effective as other cbd delivery methods while supporting skin health.

Cream: CBD Cream typically has the consistency of lotion and absorbs quickly. It is designed to be used externally, applied directly to the skin, and can be used for massaging your doggo in a sore spot.

Choosing the best CBD for dogs

When buying CBD for dogs, it’s vital to ensure that you’re buying CBD made from hemp rather than cannabis.  This is because hemp was specifically bred to have little to no THC.  That’s why it’s legal in some places that ban cannabis.  

It’s also important to ensure that you’re buying CBD for dogs from a reputable source.  In particular, you need to be confident that it’s free of any chemicals that could harm your dog, such as traces of pesticides, toxins, or fungicides.

This post was created by our partner Dope Dog and edited for space and accuracy.

About Dope Dog:

Dope Dog is very committed to the quality and safety of its CBD oil. Dope Dog rigorously tests the CBD oil in their CBD products through a third-party laboratory to validate the correct potency and quality of their products.

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