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Top Ten List to Keep Indoor Cats Happy

Is your indoor cat happy and enjoying life in your home? Are you thinking about making your outdoor cat an indoor cat? Or even just thinking about getting a cat for the first time? Here is our top ten list of things that help keep your indoor cat happy.

Clean Litter

Cats are clean freaks and appreciate when their 

litter boxes are cleaned frequently.  It will not only keep your house cleaner (remember they step into and out of litter boxes all day), but your cat happy.


Cats love to bask in the sun, so make sure they have access to a sunny spot in your house during the day.


Don't let your cat get bored! 

Cats are naturally curious and need to be challenged. Keep a variety of toys around your home to keep your kitty occupied, including toys to bat around, to chase, and to scratch.


Most cats enjoy being in high places 

and climbing is also good exercise. Get your cat something they can climb on and play around in, like a cat tree or kitty condo. 

Room with a View

Watching what is going on outside 

(birds! squirrels!) is another thing cats love to do. Don’t keep them in a windowless room all day while you’re gone. Hang a hammock on the window or give them access to a perch where they can watch all that’s happening outside


Cat grass is a great option for your indoor cat. They like to eat it, play in it, and it help them feel like they are spending time outdoors.


If you can add a bird house outside your window, do it. Your cat will stay very entertained as the bird feeder attracts different birds and other forms of wildlife.      

Burn Energy

Cats need to get their energy out just like dogs and humans. Do what you can to tire your cat out, especially before leaving them home alone. Cats need to stalk, chase, pounce and catch their prey. Try pole-type toys and use quick starts and stops to imitate prey. Then at the end of playtime, your kitty will have that ‘catch’ that makes them happy.

Double the fun

Two cats can be better than one.  They can play chase, cuddle together and form a bond with a companion. 

Quality Time  

Give your cat one-on-one time. Cats can be very affectionate and appreciate when their owners show them love.

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