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Wagtopia Recommends | Gifts for Pets and their Pet Parents

Choosing holiday gifts can be tough. You can almost never go wrong with a gift for a pet. 

The pet will be super happy, and the pet parent will love that you thought of the fur-baby. Here is a list of gift recommendations for pets and their pet parents.

Free Dog Training 

Wagtopia Recommends | K9 Training Institute

Our friends at K9 Training Institute offer a free dog training workshop. This workshop is great for dogs of all ages, not just young pups. When dogs hit their toddler or teen years (it’s a thing), brushing up on dog training could be just the thing that help pet parents get through the challenging time.

Fresh Pet Food 

Just like you care about what food goes into your body, a pet parent cares about what their pets eat on a daily basis. Some of our partners have amazing new fresh options on the market including:

The Farmer’s Dog 

Wagtopia Recommends | The Farmer's Dog Fresh Dog Food

Real, fresh food made for dogs -- all of the nutrition dogs need to be healthy, and none of the harsh processing, fillers, or preservatives of most commercial options. Offer: Save 50% on your First box when clicking HERE.

Front of the Pack 

Wagtopia Recommends | Front of the Pack Air Dried Dog Food

(get a free taster kit!) - by embracing science and next-level standards, FoTP has developed a range of food and supplements that provide unparalleled support to your pup’s development.

Smalls for Cats 

Wagtopia Recommends | Smalls Fresh Food for Cats

You’ll love Smalls because it’s USDA-Certified, humanely-harvested, features sustainably-sourced Ingredients, contains no BPAs,  no preservatives, is grain-free, and protein rich. Plus, it shows up at your door exactly when you need it! Offer: use code WAGTOPIA for 25% off your first box, and get FREE TREATS FOR LIFE!

The Honest Kitchen 

makes their foods with only real, thoughtfully sourced ingredients using the same quality and safety standards as healthy people foods and is b-corp certified!

Personalized artwork, beds, floor mat…

Portfolio Pet 

Wagtopia Recommends | Portfolio Pets Custom Artwork

custom artwork made from only a photograph! Give the gift of home decor featuring your favorite pet.

Personalized Pet Bed 

Wagtopia | Carolina Pet Company Pet Bed

what better way to celebrate than with your pet’s name on their bed?!

Personalized Food Tray Mat by Bungalow Flooring 

know a dog who’s a messy eater? Hate cleaning up the floor after your pet drinks or eats? Try a non-slip anti-microbial food mat. Plus, add their name for no extra charge.

Gotcha Day Box 

Gotcha Day Birthday BoxA fun box to open for the pet parent and the doggo! Containing a birthday toy, bandana, bowtie and custom (dog) cake mix! PLUS, get our exclusive Smart ID tag as a free bonus for a limited time. This smart tag offers a free online profile that you can update whenever you need to, and if your pet gets out, a quick scan with a smartphone can get you reunited quickly! Celebrate the day you brought home your shelter pet!

Super unique and boutique 

Jiby Skatebowls 

skatepunk pet parent? This is THE gift for them!

DNA Test Kits 

what is more personal and unique than finding out more about your shelter pet? From DNA its to food intolerance kits, information is power.

Hi-Tech products 

from pet cameras to app-enabled smart feeders, shop our entire hi-tech collection and make life easier for the pet parent in your life.

As you can see, the gift options for pet parents and their pets are endless! 

Plus, don’t forget that we give 5% of every Wagtopia.com purchase back to pet rescue, so you can feel good about where you shop. 

Remember that shipping deadlines are important at this time of year; it’s recommended that you place all orders by 12/14/22 for NON-personalized items, and even earlier for customized products.

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