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10 Reasons to Adopt a Cat
If you’re considering bringing a feline companion into your home, and wondering where to look, our Wagtopia nationwide shelter and rescue database is a great option. There are so many reasons to adopt from a shelter or rescue, but here are...
Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet
Shelters are full of older animals hoping for a second chance at life. Many of these dogs and cats were once owned and loved by someone, but for various reasons end up homeless. A lot of people think that if...
Why Adopt Not Shop?
Thinking of adding a dog or cat to your family? Here are five reasons why adopting a rescue is the only way to go. Adoption saves lives It is estimated that each year in the United States alone 3 million...
Start Your Search: Find the Right Pet for Your Family
Thinking about adopting a new furry friend? Congratulations! To make sure it's a great fit all the way around, ask yourself some important questions before you start searching our Bissell Pet Network nationwide shelter and rescue database. What's your lifestyle?...
10 Celebrities Who Love Cats
  Celebrity dog owners may get a bit more attention than their cat-loving counterparts in the media, but there are tons of professional athletes, musicians, and actors who love their cats. Here are 10 celebrities who have publicly expressed their...
Meet the Mullers
Devon, Nicole, Adeline, and Avery introduce us to their dog Kiah and tell us her adoption story.
5 Reasons to Adopt a Black Kitty
When you think of Halloween, there’s witches, monsters, and, of course, black cats. But even though black cats have gotten a reputation for being bad luck (or even evil), there are tons of reasons why black cats make a wonderful...
Meet the Wygmans
Tammy Wygmans fostered her dog, Hunter, and just couldn't imagine giving him up, so she adopted him and gave him a forever home.
Meet the Kerrs
Keri, Troy, and Harrison Kerr introduce us to their two rescue beagles, Rosie and Otis.
Meet the Kreislers
Roman, Kindra, and Jenna introduce us to Oakley.
Meet the Littles
Kevin and Sandy Little introduce us to their rescue pup, Izzy.
Meet the Veliquettes
Ryleigh and Justin fell in love twice. Once when they met Murphy and again when they laid eyes on Delta.
Meet the VanderJagts
Lissa and Gabe share the story of how they met, and fell in love, with Tyson.