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Pet Training Tips

How to Prevent Destructive Scratching
Scratching is an instinctive behavior for cats. They scratch to relieve frustration, excitement, anxiety, to mark their territory, to exercise, and to help maintain their nails. So, it’s important you provide your cat with ways to channel this natural behavior.   Set him up for success  There are lots of scratching posts and cat trees on the market. Some scratchers...
You just got your new furry friend home, he runs inside, sniffs around, and pees on the floor… now what? This scenario is common for new rescue pups, so don’t fret – we’re going to help you and your new...
Playing with Your Newly Adopted Cat
Cats need mental stimulation and exercise just like people. Regularly playing with your newly adopted cat is not only fun, but it provides valuable exercise for cats of all ages. Just as important, it strengthens the feline-human bond, which is...
Dog Training 101
  A Well-behaved dog is a pleasure to be around. But what many new dog owners don’t realize is that training their dog can take time, consistency, and most importantly, lots of patience. “ Even the simplest of manners—not barking,...
Chew on This - Tips for Destructive Chewing
Puppies and dogs chew. Period. They are hard wired to investigate with their mouths and do this by chewing on things. Chewing feels good to them and it also helps them burn energy! Your new pup is probably going to be curious about EVERYTHING. (especially if she’s a puppy or younger...
Dog Training Myth: Dog misbehavior is the owner's fault
Dog misbehavior can be normal body language for a dog - some breeds have more energy than others. Mikkel Becker, certified dog trainer, explains the best way to get better behavior from your dog by reinforcing good behavior and redirecting...
How to Prevent Your Dog from Getting Lost
Thanks to dogs’ natural tendencies to hunt and chase, even the most attentive pet owners can find themselves in a desperate situation when Fido breaks free from his leash in pursuit of a squirrel or digs his way out of...
Bringing Home Your New Cat
Cats typically don’t enjoy car rides, new environments, or change in general, so arriving at your home is likely going to be frightening for your new petHere are some tips to help make her homecoming less stressful. 
Dog Training Basics: Understanding Positive Reinforcement
  If you are providing reinforcement, even if it's not conscious, your dog will repeat the behavior - both good and bad behavior. It's important to understand positive reinforcement and how to motivate good behavior in your dog.
What Should You Do When a Dog or Cat is Missing
Losing your pet can be devastating, but with these simple steps you'll be on your way to bringing them home in no time. 
How to Get Cat Pee Smells and Stains Out of Carpet
Has your cat peed on your carpet before?  Is the stain or smell still lingering? Don't worry, Mike Foote, a Bissell chemist, has some tips and tricks for you and explains why enzyme cleaners are the best options for old...
The Right Way To Pet a Dog
Did you know there is a right and wrong way to pet a dog? Certified dog trainer, Mikkel Becker, teaches the best way to pet a dog and how to understand different signals during the interaction. 
Dog Training: House Training Talk
Fear Free's lead animal trainer, Mikkel Becker, shares her thoughts on the best way to potty train.
Should You Walk Your Cat?
The idea of walking down the street, leash in hand and on the other end of the leash...your cat?
How to Introduce Two Dogs | Lucky Dog
Brandon McMillan introduces two dogs on neutral territory.
Say Cheese! Pro Tips on Taking Great Photographs of Your Pet
If you are a doting pet owner, it’s your prerogative to have meaningful images to share online, to have framed images within your home or at your workplace, and to even feature your furry friend on the annual holiday card....
How to Stop Cats From Urinating Outside the Litter Box
This video discusses cats urinating outside the litter box due to behavior.
Tips for creating a safe and happy bond between your newly adopted dog and children
Supervision is essential when your new dog meets family members for the first time. Careful handling of introductions will set the scene for future interactions and help your dog settle into family life. By taking the right steps in the...
Tips for creating a safe and happy bond between your newly adopted cat and your children
Children are naturally drawn to cats, but it’s important to lay some ground rules for the safety of all concerned. An overzealous toddler could severely hurt a kitten. On the flip side, cat scratches and bites can pose serious health...
Complete Your Fur Family: Tips on Introducing Dogs and Cats
Whether you already have a dog and are considering adopting a cat, or vice versa, it is very important to think about their first introduction. By letting a loose cat and an off-leash dog meet each other in an open...
Introducing Your Dog to Your New Baby
When you bring home a new baby, what’s exciting for you and your spouse can be confusing and even frightening for your dog. That little baby seems like a human, but it smells, sounds, and moves like nothing your pet...