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Pet Training Tips

Introducing Your Dog to Your New Baby
When you bring home a new baby, what’s exciting for you and your spouse can be confusing and even frightening for your dog. That little baby seems like a human, but it smells, sounds, and moves like nothing your pet...
How to introduce cats to dogs
Wondering how to introduce your new cat to your resident dog? Watch this practical guide to make sure that your cat and dog's first meeting is a positive one.
Decorating Your House With Your Cat in Mind
‘Tis the season for trees, candles, and lights, but while it may bring holiday joy to adorn your home with an array of festive décor, cat owners may want to think twice about displaying some of the most common holiday...
Decorating Your House With Your Dog in Mind
Many people can’t wait to start decorating their homes for the holidays thanks to an endless array of festive options, from plants (and trees!) to candles to lights. But dog owners have to be especially wary about their holiday décor, as many holiday decorations can actually be dangerous for dogs.
Get Your Home Ready for a Shelter Cat
When you’ve decided to open your home (and your heart) to a shelter cat, here are some things you should do to prepare.
Facts About Cats Around the World
International Cat Day, or World Cat Day, is celebrated on August 8. It was created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare as a way to both celebrate the relationship between humans and cats as well as to...