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Cat Collars, Harnesses & Tags

Here at Wagtopia, we love all pets. We also want to ensure that your furry friends are safe, sound, and happy. Cats - they have a reputation (perhaps slightly misguided, slightly true) for being our wiley, independent pet better-halves. But just because they can do their own thing, doesn’t mean that pet parents shouldn’t take the same steps to safeguard cats as they would a dog or other animal. This starts by making sure your cat has an identification tag on the collar. Thankfully, Wagtopia has a variety of cat collars with a safety-first focus that come in an array of colors.

Collars should be worn by both indoor-only and indoor-outdoor cats. In the event that your pet gets lost, collars are the first way people will check where your pet belongs. If your cat ever gets out of the home and doesn’t have a collar, it’s more likely that passersby will incorrectly assume your pet is a stray. You don’t want your beloved family pet ending up at the shelter when their home is nearby.

Whether your cat is a kitten or a fully adult cat, make sure they have a safe, breakaway collar. A “safety” or “breakaway” collar opens when pulled hard. This safety necessity ensures that your pet won’t get caught unsafely on foreign objects or hurt by the collar. A non-breakaway collar risks injuring your cat or even strangling them. That’s why here at Wagtopia, we only carry collars that don’t compromise the safety of your cat. Whatever your cat’s collar needs or the style of cat tags you’d like, we have a variety of durable cat collars and harnesses for your cat’s needs.

FAQ Section

Should cats wear collars? Yes, your cat should wear a collar. In the event that they get loose, or that they’re found in a less-than-ideal situation (such as an emergency), a cat collar and cat tag increase your cat’s chances of making its way back home safe and sound.

What type of collar is best for cats? A breakaway safety collar is the best collar for cats. These collars ensure comfort and identification without compromising your cat’s health if she ends up with its collar caught on something.

Does it bother your cat to wear a bell on their collar? This is a question that many people wonder about when looking for a cat collar. Bells on cat collars do seem to save the lives of local birds and wildlife such as birds, mice, and other creatures. If you have a young kitten, bells can help you keep an eye on your pet’s safety.

Research shows that a cat bell is about 50-60 dB, and cats are generally unaffected by noise under 80 dB according to veterinarians. Cats will not be negatively impacted by the bell in terms of hearing, and most cats, once used to it, will ignore it.