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Cat Vitamins & Supplements

Like humans, pets can use some extra support. Foods are a primary source of nutrients, but vitamin supplements for cats can add a little extra immune support, boost their overall health, and protect their immune system. Here, at Wagtopia, we want to help keep your pet in prime shape with the best vitamins for cats that will help them feel their best.

Unlike us, however, cats can’t decide what to eat each day–they depend on you, their pet parent, to set the menu. Sometimes their diets may not be as balanced as we would want them to be, but the good news is we can even things out with natural cat vitamins formulated specifically to provide your fluffy companion with the proper balance of nutrients they need. Even the most virtuous eaters can have nutritional deficits that can result in low levels of certain vitamins and minerals. Some health conditions can place your cat at an even more significant risk for vitamin deficiencies. Additionally, depending on their age group, they might need specific vitamin support.

FAQ Section

What are the best vitamins & supplements for cats?

There are a lot of options for cats of all ages, sizes and needs. Choosing the right cat supplements will provide support to your companion’s gut and skin, and can help keep your cat’s coat beautiful. The best way to know which cat nutrition supplements to include in your cat’s diet, is to always ask your veterinarian.

Everyone is unique, and the same goes for pets! Which is why you should always consider cat supplements based on your pet’s specific needs. Depending on food choices, medical conditions, and life stage, different animals may benefit from supplementing particular nutrients.

What vitamins should I give my cat?

The best vitamins for cats should have vet-approved formulas, high-quality ingredients, and a dosage method that’s convenient for pets and pet parents alike. Cat vitamins come in tablets, capsules, powders and liquid, and you should ask your veterinarian about your pet’s specific needs.

How do I administer cat vitamins & supplements?

Most pets will refuse to take supplements directly, which is why all these different formulations come in handy. Cats in particular can be picky about their food, which is why it’s important to remember to be patient. Your companion animal could not like chewable cat vitamins, but perhaps they’re happy with a liquid cat vitamin added to their wet food, or water. You can always disguise them in a yummy treat, or sneak their cat supplements in their food.

Should I give my cat vitamins?

Vitamin supplements for cats are meant to correct deficiencies. Your vet will be able to evaluate your cat’s health, consider their diet, lifestyle and exercise and make the best recommendation for your situation. They will be able to recommend whether your furry friend needs a vitamin powder or liquid vitamin. At the end of the day, the best cat vitamins are those that suit your pet’s specific needs.

As your kitty ages, they might need cat supplements to support their mobility or gastrointestinal health. As cats age, their muscles, kidneys and other organs may need help to continue working properly. There are plenty of reasons why you may be considering adding cat vitamins and supplements to your feline’s diet, and at Wagtopia we have an assortment of the best daily cat vitamins that will put loving pet parents at ease.