Penelope’s Bloom Joint Pain + Mobility CBD Treats for Dogs- 300mg

  • Penelope’s Bloom
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Penelope’s Bloom Joint Pain + Mobility CBD Treats for Dogs- 300mg

  • Penelope’s Bloom
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It is heartbreaking to watch our pets suffer from joint and mobility issues. Let us help keep your dog’s active, reduce soreness and inflammation with our all-natural Joint and Mobility treats. Many pets experience joint pain as they get older, but joint pain can also be present in younger dogs. Our delicious treats help improves pliability and lubrication in the joints to support daily activity, support long term joint stress, help sooth joint inflammation, provide pain support from injuries (like IVDD) and help with stiffness from exercise. Our goal is to help pet parents enable a healthier, active lifestyle free from joint discomfort.

Our Joint and mobility treats were expertly formulated with a combination of ingredients to help ease pain, reduce inflammation and repair cartilage for overall support and joint health. Our treats include a high concentration of powerful ingredients and antioxidants such as Turmeric, Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which work together to help your pet be more mobile and active. The Joint and Mobility treats have been designed to solution for all aspects and triggers of dog joint and mobility discomfort.

•  Full-spectrum CBD (300mg)
•  Powerful antioxidants like blueberries and spinach
•  Smells like freshly baked oatmeal cookies!
•  Sweet Potato flavor that dogs love and will beg for more!
•  10mg of CBD in each treat
•  Active ingredients like Chondroitin to help enhance the absorption of nutrients for cartilage repair and Turmeric for inflammation

Why you and your dogs will love them

1.Aids mobility & flexibility
Help improves lubrication of joints to support daily activity.

2.Prevents Joint Issues
Helps protect against cartilage breakdown that may lead to long term joint stress.

3.Reduces inflammation
Helps sooth joint inflammation and stiffness.

4.Promotes daily activity
Supports a more healthy, active lifestyle free from joint discomfort.

We have formulated the highest quality CBD Pet Products that are affordable, clean and deliver only the best benefits for your beloved pets!

Signs of Joint mobility issues: Muscle stiffness, limping, slow walking, lethargic, accidents in the house, lack of movement, lack of interest, swelling/tenderness, struggling to sit and stand

Types of issues: Age related disorders, injury, genetic disposition

What causes mobility, joint, inflammation issues?
• Arthritis
• Hip pain
• Dysplasia
• Neurological disorders
• Tumors/ Cancers
• Obesity

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