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Never Scoop Again

Litter-Robot outsmarts the chore of scooping a traditional litter box and gives kitty a clean place to go.

Loved by Pets Vetted by Vets

America's top rated insurance company is now available for dogs & cats! Your pet will be well covered with Lemonade Pet Insurance.

Color-Changing Cat Litter

Pretty Litter is the health monitoring cat litter delivered monthly to your home. Save money on vet bills and keep your cat's health in check. Save 10% with code AFF10

The most convenient monthly litter box ever

A subscription program where receive a new recyclable box and new litter every month. No more stinky boxes with the Kitty Poo Club. Save 25% on your first box with code WAG25

Trusted Pet Care

All sitters pass a background check and are approved by a team of sitter specialists. All services booked on Rover are backed by the Rover Guarantee, 24/7 support, and reservation protection. Save $10 off your very first booking!

Human Grade Food For Cats

Throw away the highly processed cat foods and try Smalls fresh bagged cat foods. With a variety of flavors available, your cat will have plenty to love. Save $15 on your first trial box order with code WAGTOPIA.

Custom art as unique as your pet

Take a pic. Customize. Approve. Deliver. That's all you need to do for a custom portrait of your pet!

Customized Plushie of Your Pet

As seen on Shark Tank! The cutest plushie you'll ever have! Pet photo blankets, socks, phone cases are also available.

Dental disease. It's a reality for most cats.

Basepaws Dental CatKit analyses more than 1,000 microbes in your cat’s mouth, looking for disease signatures before they become visible to the naked eye.

Lost but never forgotten

Losing a pet is devastating. Celebrate your pet's life with a custom memorial, urn, jewelry or plaque.