Wags2Riches Giveback Program

Earn up to 20%

of all sales for your organization

Here's how it works

in 3 easy steps:

On your event date, add the shopping link to your site and tell all of your supporters to shop

On your selected "launch day" Wagtopia will give your group back 20% of all sales (40x Amazon Smile's current giveback amount).

Then, your group will continue receiving up to 5% of all sales coming from your shopping link (10x Amazon Smile's current giveback amount).




average purchase


check back to your group

For Example:

If your group has 10,000 Facebook followers and 1% of them purchase on your launch day (on average $60) that would generate $6,000 in sales and a check for $1,200 back to your group, plus $300 or more monthly if the buying continues.

Provide your group's contact info and we'll be in touch for your launch meeting