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Wags2Riches Giveback Program

Earn up to 20%

of all sales for your organization

Here's how it works

in 3 easy steps:

On your event date, add the shopping link to your site and tell all of your supporters to shop Wagtopia.com

On your selected "launch day" Wagtopia will give your group back 20% of all sales (40x Amazon Smile's current giveback amount).

Then, your group will continue receiving up to 5% of all sales coming from your shopping link (10x Amazon Smile's current giveback amount).




average purchase


check back to your group

For Example:

If your group has 10,000 Facebook followers and 1% of them purchase on your launch day (on average $60) that would generate $6,000 in sales and a check for $1,200 back to your group, plus $300 or more monthly if the buying continues.

Provide your group's contact info and we'll be in touch for your launch meeting