Amazing Track Tower for Pets

  • Woof & Meow
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Amazing Track Tower for Pets

  • Woof & Meow


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Love To Watch Your Pets Play?

An Absolute MUST HAVE Pets Toy For All Pets Owners!

 An Addictive pets Toy Designed with 4 Levels of Tracks and 4 Brightly Colored Balls that are a True Challenge for All pets!

 One of The Best Non-Electric & Interactive pets Toys Available!

  Play Time Is Crucial for a Healthy and Well Behaving Pets. This Amazing pets Tower Promotes Independent Play! 

 Tracks Designed to Swirl Around Just As Natural Prey Does. Pets Go Absolutely Crazy For This!

 Great for Multi-Pets Households.

 Lightweight, Sturdy & Durable Build Will Last For a Long Time! Can Withstand Even the Roughest Play.

 Made from Environmental-Friendly PP Materials.

 Non-Skid Pads.

 Uses Up Less Floor Space Compared to Other Track Type petsToys!

 Comes With Four Levels and 4 x Interchangeable Balls. This Toy Can Effortlessly Amaze Your pets For Hours!

 Easy to Disassemble and to Switch Around Different Balls and also use Other Toys in this Tower

 Buy More, Save More - Great Idea is to Have These Around in Every Room to Maximize Playtime! This Also Helps to Save Your Furniture From Kitty Destruction.

 Size: 10x7x7.5 inches.

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