Aspen Pet Gravity Feeder Medium

  • Petmate
  • SKU:52012

Aspen Pet Gravity Feeder Medium

  • Petmate
  • SKU:24284




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Aspen Pet® Gravity Feeder is the ideal gravity feeder for your pet's needs! As a busy pet parent you can now spend more time playing with your furry friend and less time preparing his meals. This high-quality feeder allows your pet to have continuous access to his pet food throughout the day. Café style, clear bottle design allows pet parents to easily monitor the food level at a glance. Top load makes refilling your feeder convenient and easy. Pet parents choose the perfect sized feeder to fit your pet's needs. Easy to clean wide mouth bottle. Made in the USA.

  • Great for dogs and cats
  • Perfect for busy pet parents
  • Provides pets with access to food 24/7
  • Extra wide food dispensing hole helps prevent blockage
  • Easy to clean
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