Habikatt Cat House Kit by BeOneBreed

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Habikatt Cat House Kit by BeOneBreed

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HabiKatt is an innovative cat tree made of two large plastic cubes, one paper rope scratcher post, two privacy panels, two memory foam pillows and one toy. How is it different from other cat trees? HabiKatt is a modular habitat for your cat and allows you to adapt the structure to fit your cat’s needs. Add more cubes or stack them up differently to take up more or less space.

You can gradually add cubes and accessories to make the HabiKatt bigger according to the number of cats and budget you have. You can also customize it by choosing where you place the privacy panels, scratchers and toy in the cat tree. Per example, if your cat likes to hide and rest in confined high spaces, you can choose to place the privacy panels on the top cube. Add a teepee on top of a cube for an extra cozy observatory point!

HabiKatt provides a stylish and customizable cat tree. It adapts to the space you have at home and to your cat’s preferences. It’s easy to clean so it lasts much longer than the cumbersome traditional carpet tree. We are also proud to announce that our cubes will be made of recycled plastic.


-Modular & customizable cat tree

-Made of recycled plastic

-Easy to clean & disinfect

-Includes 2 cubes and accessories

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