Cat Condo Climbing Cat Tree with Cat Hammock by Estilo Living

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Cat Condo Climbing Cat Tree with Cat Hammock by Estilo Living

  • Estilo Living
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Give your cat the perfect place to indulge their natural instinct to scratch, climb, play and snooze with the Cat Condo Climbing Cat Tree with Cat Hammock. This amazing multi-level cat climbing tower is made up of a cat condo which has been styled with a cute kitty-shaped head cut-out for a window, offering your pet the best view in the house while they hide away feeling safe and calm; an amazing cat hammock at the base where they can laze when its time for a rest; a lounging pad cat bed on the very top of the structure to offer the perfect vantage point as they take a snooze; several durable and long-lasting cat scratching posts to let them scratch til their heart's content; and last but not least, a detachable hanging rope cat toy to keep them amused for hours on end.

Introducing a cat climbing tree to your home will not only offer your pet the perfect place to play and snooze, but the cat scratching post areas will also work to curb your cat's destructive behaviors, while keeping their claws short and healthy at the same time. Scratching is a great way for your pet to burn off excess energy and relieve daily stress and anxiety, which in turn promotes greater overall health and well-being. Save your furniture and carpet from constant unwanted damage when boredom sets in with this one-stop cat entertainment centre!

Made with a sturdy Wood frame, with a Wood Board cat condo structure which is complimented with sleek Plastic fixtures. The platforms have been covered with Felt Fabric material to add a soft look and feel to each climbing platform, and finished with luxury Sisal Fibre Rope wound around each pole to make the perfect scratching post areas. The cat condo comes equipped with a soft and fluffy Faux Fur cushion inside to keep your cat comfortable and cozy at all times, and the lounging pad cat bed on top is removable for easy washing, making it safe and hygienic. The two climbing step platforms also come with mats which are removable for easy cleaning.

The entire structure has been designed to be durable and hard-wearing, with a long-lasting quality that will make this must have cat accessory not only look great, but also last the test of time no matter how eager your cat is to scratch and play.

Size Guide:

Climbing Tree: 52cm (Base Length) x 44cm (Base Width) x 132cm (Height) / 20.5"(L) x 17.3"(W) x 52"(H).

Please Note: Some elements of the climbing tree, such as the Cat Condo or climbing step, will protrude slightly further than the Base Length and Width of 52cm x 44cm / 20.5" x 17.3".  

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