Love-A-Litter Milk Replacer Donation Drive

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Love-A-Litter Milk Replacer Donation Drive

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Puppies and kittens need your help. Donate today to feed a litter. 

Every year, thousands of puppies & kittens become orphans at a shelter due to a mothers sickness or inability to produce milk. Milk replacer allows these newborns to thrive and grow up into healthy loving pets for your family to adopt.  

$28 feeds one newborn puppy or kitten for a week.

100% of proceeds go to Big Sky Ranch, a nonprofit animal rescue organization dedicated to saving animals in need and keeping them out of shelters. Big Sky Ranch will distribute the milk replacer to over 60 animal shelters in need. Pet-Ag, Inc® and Wagtopia will each match donations up to $10,000. That means every $1 you donate equals $3 in Milk Replacer to triple your impact! 

Don’t wait. Donate today. Let’s make a difference together. Our drive runs from May 1-31.

“Through Pet-Ag’s partnership with Wagtopia and one of our distributors, Phillips Pet, we have coordinated a retail matching donation with our partners to help realize the goal of providing Big Sky, a 501(c)3 charity, whose mission is to provide care and support of animals in need, with much needed products for the animals in their care and those in the surrounding community. This partnership, in combination with our donated goods, will enable every can purchased from the donations, to become 3 cans received by Big Sky.  Wagtopia will be collecting the funds on behalf of Big Sky, on a site they sponsor, and will inform Big Sky of the total dollars donated.  Big Sky will select which products best serve the needs of the shelter communities they are supporting.  Wagtopia will then place the order through our distribution partner, Phillips Feed Service, Inc., and Pet-Ag, Inc. will then dropship the product directly to Big Sky.  Pet-Ag, Inc. will further match each dollar donated, dollar for dollar, of retail valued product, up to $10,000 and add it to the order placed by Wagtopia on behalf of Big Sky.”


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