GloFish Ornament Driftwood Tank Accessory
GloFish Ornament Driftwood Tank Accessory
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GloFish Ornament Driftwood Tank Accessory

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    The GloFish® Ornaments provides an ideal hiding place for your GloFish—helping to reduce stress. These ornaments feature swim holes perfectly sized for your GloFish to swim through as well as a silvery finish that reflects GloFish LED lights; making it the perfect addition to any GloFish tank!

    Why We Love It:

    • Designed to create a clorful wonderland for your fish and stand out beautiful
    • Provide an ideal, stress-free hiding place for GloFish
    • Some designs available in small and large sizes.

    About GloFish

    Add a splash of eye-popping to your tank or dive into a complete GloFish® tank conversion. With GloFish® fluorescent fish and our full line of GloFish products, you can breathe new life into your tank, and your love of the hobby!