Instachew PETKIT Pura X Top Pad

  • InstachewUTaPJ466
  • SKU:52012

Instachew PETKIT Pura X Top Pad

  • InstachewUTaPJ466
  • SKU:065TP


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INSTACHEW presents the PETKIT Pura X Colorful and Washable Top Pad for Decorating Smart Litter Box, Nice Perching Spot and Comfortable Space for Kitty

Pura X litter box is a smart product but some external products always enhance the usability and beauty of a product and that is our Pura X colorful Top Pad. The shape is the same as the upper part of the Pura X litter box. We ensure you that when you add this item as an Exteriores of your litter box you will get a new look it feels like an updated litter box.


  • A comfortable pad that your cat can sit on when they want to lazy around
  • Make your litter box a home decor
  • Colorful and stylish design
  • Washable pad

: If you set your Pura X Smart Litter Box apart with the Pura Top Pad, don't need to be hidden it away because It will give a suitable look and make the litter box part of your home decor

: This top pad is very comfortable for your cat and also give them a nice perching spot to scope out their territory

: Make your Pura X stylish and unique by adding a colored mat to the top of it to add to your aesthetic

: It comes in a tough design, durable, and long lasting effectiveness; its slip resistant feature helps prevent movement and keeps mat in place; it also, resists wear and tear from scratching

: You can use a brush or vacuum cleaner to clean the pad conveniently, and it is washable. Also, you can clean it under the sink head or shower head

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