Instachew Purebite Smart Automatic Pet Feeder

  • InstachewUTaPJ466
  • SKU:52012

Instachew Purebite Smart Automatic Pet Feeder

  • InstachewUTaPJ466
  • SKU:IC087


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Purebite Automatic Cat Feeder, Food Dispenser for Cats and Dogs, Smart Portions Control, Programmable Cat Supplies with HD Camera.

The INSTACHEW Purebite Automatic Pet Feeder is app enabled, bringing convenience to your finger tips. This elegant pet feeder allows you to automate feeding, control portions, keep food fresh and look good doing it! You can schedule meal times for your pet to immediately dispense their food, whether you are at home or travelling. This feeder is perfect for larger pets as it has a 2.8 L food bin.


INTERACTIVE APP ENABLED FEEDING: Automatic feedings so that your pet is fed according to your set schedules. Instant Feed function allows you to feed your pet immediately from anywhere in the world, using the INSTACHEW INFINITY APP.

PORTION CONTROL: Full food monitoring keeps track of your pet’s diet.

STORAGE CAPACITY: Store up to 2.5 L of food, always sealed and fresh.

KIBBLE SUPPORTED: Use kibble from 5 - 14 mm in size.

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