JW Feather Cat Wand

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Spend some time interacting with your cat with the JW® Feather Cat Wand. Featuring bright yellow feathers to catch your cat's attention, the JW Feather Wand is designed to activate your cat's instinct to pounce and play and is a fun way to sneak in some exercise for your cat. Ideal for cats that enjoy "hunting" air prey like flies, birds, grasshoppers, etc. the lightweight feathers at the end of the wand mimic real air prey as you whip the wand from side-to-side. Built to last, the plastic handle and elastic wire string are designed to withstand the tugging and pulling when your cat finally catches this toy.

INSTRUCTIONS: When the wand is wound up for storage, it measures 15" long. When the wand is un-wound for playtime, the wand measures 30" long.

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