Magic Carpet Crinkle Cat Toy

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It's a tent...It's a playground...No, it's the Magic Carpet!

This versatile plastic sheet will keep your cat entertained is so many ways. Draped over furniture it becomes a cool tent or playground. Crumpled and thrown on the floor turns it into a pile of leaves. Cats love the way it crinkles, rustles, and moves as they burrow deep into it. For a quieter way to have fun, tuck it into a corner for a cozy new sleeping bag your cat will want to nap in. You can even use it as a foraging toy by hiding toys or treats underneath. The Magic Carpet provides a limitless way for your cat to play and stay active, engaged, and entertained.

Your cat will love:

  • -The crinkle and rustle sounds that it makes
  • -Scratching, pawing, and jumping on it
  • -How soft it feels and how easy it is to tear up and shred
  • -Using her imagination to play in different ways

You will love:

  • -The simple play it offers your cat
  • -No assembly required
  • -That it is versatile and affordable
  • -Can easily be put away or disposed of

Size: 50" x 54" 

WARNING: Not suitable for cats who eat plastic. Always supervise your cat during play. 



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