Petmate The Ultimate Travel Harness - Black Small

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Petmate The Ultimate Travel Harness - Black Small

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This harness features adjustable straps and loops that lock your dog into place and that work with most standard seat belt buckles. The straps are made from durable nylon while the cushion that presses up against your dog is made from a comfortable soft cushion to keep your pet happy.

Petmate Ultimate Travel Harness keeps your dog secure through adjusting to fit dogs of any size- the harness itself is also available in three sizes to make adjustments easier.  Keep your dog safe and comfy on your next road trip by ordering the Ultimate Travel Harness today!

  • Adjustable loop and straps to keep dogs of all sizes secure
  • Comfort chest padding to keep dog safe and comfortable
  • Made with durable nylon to keep dogs safe
      1. For proper fit, hold the harness by the D-rings and make sure the chest strap is in the center of the harness.
      2. Open the buckle and place harness on the ground.
      3. Have your dog place its front paws on either side of the center strap.
      4. Pull the harness up around your dog so that the top strap is around its chest and the bottom strap is around its girth.
      5. Fasten buckle and use slid adjusters to fit the harness to your dog.
      6. Attach the tether to both D-Rings and clip into vehicle buckle.

    Size Dog Weight
    Small Up to 25 lbs
    Medium 26-50 lbs
    Large 51-80 lbs

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