Petralyte Electrolyte Supplement

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Hydration is vital for everyone, but too often our pups don’t know when to drink up. That’s why it’s so important for dogs of all energy levels to get the nutrients and hydration they need each time they drink.

Petralyte’s electrolyte supplement for dogs is a proprietary formula created by a team of veterinarians that can boost hydration while delivering a delicious load of nutrients! With the combination of hydration, health benefits, and delicious flavors, your pup will be ready to play all day! Choose from a variety of tasty flavors, including chicken, beef, or turkey. Our dog electrolyte supplements come in a 16-pack, a 32-pack, or a 64-pack. And getting your dog to take them could not be any easier. Simply pour the supplement in your dog’s water for him or her to receive instant nutritional benefits.

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