Ruffmaxx Kennel 32" Camo/Black

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Ruffmaxx Kennel 32" Camo/Black

  • Petmate
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The Ruffmaxx® Camo Kennel for dogs and cats is the most comfortable travel space for your four-legged outdoor or travel enthusiast. The Ruffmaxx Kennel is made from recycled materials, with solid, dependable construction, and 360-degree ventilation, allowing for a comfortable sense of security and plenty of fresh air for your pet on the road or at a campsite. Not only is it heavy-duty, but it's also made of a durable plastic shell with easy-to-assemble wing nut and bolt hardware. The Ruffmaxx Camo Kennel's door comes with a squeeze latch, door-pull barriers for strength and safety. Made in the USA.

32" L x 22.5" W x 24" H
Weight Range
30-50 lbs.
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