Window Mounted Cat Perch

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Does Your Cat Love Bird Watching?

Cats LOVE This NEW Window Perch To Lounge In! 

Window Mounted Cat Perch There Is Little That Cats Love More Than a Cozy Spot In a Sunny Window.

Window Mounted Cat Perch Perfect For Bird Watching So That Your Cat Will Be Less Bored!

Window Mounted Cat Perch Offers Higher Ground That Cats Love & Feel Safe on.

Window Mounted Cat Perch It Costs 4x Less Than a Cat Tree And Takes up Less Space.

Window Mounted Cat Perch Sturdy & Comfy Fit For Cats Up to 50 lbs!

Window Mounted Cat Perch High Quality Suction Cups Guarantee Strong Hold For Years!

Window Mounted Cat Perch Included: FREE Extra Cozy Padding for Your Kitty Window Mounted Cat Perch 

Window Mounted Cat Perch Super Easy To Install! Can Also Be Used on Doors.

Few Tips For Even Better Application: Clean your window well, clean the suction cups with hot water and soap (warm suction cups stick better). Dampen a paper towel and wipe the suction cups before sticking (not too wet or they will slide) and they will adhere firmly.

Dimensions: 27" x 11"


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